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Marie Associates is primarily engaged in research and publication of the college guide, Find The Perfect College For You. Updated every two years, the latest edition brings a fresh and worthwhile perspective to each student cohort that approaches the college decision in the senior year of high school.

Looking back to the start of the Millennium, it is easy to see the trends impacting college campuses. Two that come immediately to mind would be 'technology' and the collegiate architectural building boom that started in 05'. Without doubt they have impacted the culture and experience of recent Millennial graduates. But how have these two realities shaped expectations of the college bound student presently in high school?

Regardless of the answers, it remains that young people who graduate high school each year and arrive on campus are similar to those of earlier decades. Many of them averaged 3 to 4 hours of homework a night to keep their GPA's soaring and gain admission to selective universities. They expect to move beyond family, home and high school to gain knowledge in their upcoming college experience. They hope to define their careers and optimistically enter the job market. But what direction and outlook will the faculty proffer on our individual campuses?

In 2015, the college and university is greater than the sum of undergraduate courses. They have and continue to shape the expectations and outlook of their graduates in ways that were not observed as recently as the late 1990's. Ms Marie & co-author, C. Claire Law, seek to define these emerging trends and collegiate practices as they come upon the scene. Without doubt, academic research will remain excellent, and the curricula will advance for the better to generate new and exciting majors. Taken as a whole, they will be the conduit by which faculty and administration philosophies reach into the everyday lives of college students.

Like those of earlier generations, we believe that many of today's high school graduates want to arrive on American campuses that reflect the historic American optimism. Most college freshmen would agree that a good personality is one capable of independence and able to separate fact from emotion and opinion. Marie Associates hopes that readers of this college guide will come to recognize collegiate cultures that are helpful to this end and those trends emerging on some campuses which are not.

Rosalind P. Marie, EdS
School Psychologist
Nationally Certified Educational Planner


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